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Blue Crab

Blue crabs are not only abundant and easy to catch, but their preparation for the table is a simple process. Crabs should be kept alive prior to cooking by keeping them cool and dry. Crabs may be maintained live any refrigerator or in a cooler with a small amount of ice.Live Blue Crabs

Crabs should never be put into a container of water as they will quickly die from lack of oxygen. Crabs that I've been dead for a while spoil very quickly, and it's best to discard crabs that are dead. Crabs that have been chilled may appear dead but will begin to slowly move as they warm. If the crab still doesn’t move after being warmed, discard it

Steaming is the preferred method of cooking blue crabs. A large double boiler is best for cooking blue crabs because it allows crabs to be steamed and not boiled. When using a double broiler. Wait until the water boils in the lower pots then placed the crabs in the upper pots.

If cooking with a single large pot, crabs may be stacked to the top a few inches of water added to the bottom. Or, the crabs may be completely covered with water. In either case, seasonings may be sprinkled on the crabs or into the water. Some cooks prefer to make seasonings with cool water in another pot.

After cooking, the crabs are moved to the cool, seasoned water and allowed to soak up the seasonings. This prevents overcooking and allows the crabs to become spicier. Cooked Blue Crabs

Cooking generally takes about 20 to 30 minutes.  A cooked blue crab will have an orange color and meat that is a firm white texture. Another common method is to clean live crabs prior to cooking by removing the top shell, abdomen, gills and internal organs. Crabs can be chilled to reduce the handling danger, or with experience, a crabber can learn to hold the claws with one hand while removing the back with the other. This method of cooking allows a season that water better access to the meat and reduces the mess associated with eating whole, cooked crabs.

Crabs can also be boiled to. The easiest way to boil blue crabs is to throw them into a big pot of boiling water and simmer them for about six minutes while many people add spice mixtures (such as old they) to the water.

Occasionally small black spots can be found in crab meat. This condition, called buckshot or pepper, is the result of tiny parasites that are relatively common in blue crabs. These parasites are not harmful if eaten by humans, but heavy infestations can reduce the quality of the meat.